Hip Replacement Lawyer College Station TX – Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer College Station Texas

Hip Replacement Lawyer College Station TX – Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer College Station Texas

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Hip Replacement Lawyer College Station TX

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Hip Replacement Lawyer College Station TX

Dangers of Hip Replacement

Surgery comes with risks and benefits; there is no way around that fact.  Any time a patient undergoes anesthesia or undergoes a surgical procedure there are potential risks.  Each surgery may have different dangers and risks; but a large amount of risks are generalized across the different procedures.  A hip replacement is a serious invasive surgery that should not be taken lightly.  It is imperative that when you meet with your Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon that he explain in detail the risks and the benefits of the surgery.  There are many different surgical procedure types and implant/resurfacing systems.  Therefore, it is imperative to speak with your surgeon to determine which procedure and implant/resurfacing system will be used in your unique case.  Once that has been established the associated dangers and risks can be discussed with the patient.

Risks:  Blood Clots

One of the major concerns with any surgical procedure, is the possibility of blood clots developing post-surgical procedure.  After surgery, the patient is unable to ambulate like they normally would on a daily basis; therefore, the blood is not moving in the appropriate manner.  The result of this stagnant blood can be the formation of blood clots.  These types of blood clots are usually deep vein thrombosis (DVTs) which form in the legs and can then become and embolus and travel to different areas in the human body.  These blood clots can be very dangerous and even be fatal.  Prevention is key.  The physician will more than likely request lab work that will determine if a patient needs complex anticoagulation.  Otherwise, the patient will normally be prophylactically given medications that thin the blood.  Sometimes a shot is given right before surgery; and during the duration of the hospital stay to maintain an anti-coagulated stated.

Hip Replacement Lawyer College Station TX

Risks:  Infection

The next major concern is infection.  Anytime a surgical procedure occurs, there is a chance of infection.  With a hip replacement surgery, infection is a major concern in some instances.  Infection can occur at the incision site or deep in the tissue and muscles surrounding the hip joint.  Prophylactic antibiotics may be necessary if you are prone to infections.  Otherwise, after the procedure the physician will provide you with a course of antibiotics to prevent infection.  If an infection still develops, and it interferes with the artificial hip joint then a subsequent surgery may be necessary.

Risks:  Fracture and Dislocation

Fracture and dislocation can also be risks associated with the hip replacement surgery.  The surgery is replacing the actual hip joint with a prothesis.  Therefore, healthy bone may get in the way and that can result in a fracture.  Dislocation is a common complication post surgical intervention.  Dislocation can be prevented by following the post-operative instructions.  The main way to prevent dislocation is avoiding hyper-flexion and hyper-adduction of the hip joint.  The patient should not move their hip across the midline or above the 90 degree angle in order to prevent dislocation.

Hip Replacement Lawyer College Station TX

Risks:  Complications from Implant System

Complications can also occur with the type of prosthesis used to replace the anatomic hip joint.  If the joint is metal, there can be complications that include the build up of metal ions in the organs.  This build up of metal ions can result in organ failure.  There are many different complications; so please be diligent when discussing this topic with your physician.

Wrap It Up

There are many risks associated with this type of surgical procedure.  The key thing to remember is that with every surgery there are risks and benefits.  It is important as a patient to speak with your surgeon to determine what procedure and implant system is the most appropriate for your unique case.

Hip Replacement Lawyer College Station TX

If you or loved one have suffered metal poisoning or required a second revision surgery after having a hip implant, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer.  Please call us today for a free consultation or fill out our contact form and a College Station Texas Hip Recall Lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours to answer your questions.

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