Hip Replacement Lawyer Frisco TX – Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer Frisco Texas

Hip Replacement Lawyer Frisco TX – Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer Frisco Texas

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Hip Replacement Lawyer Frisco TX

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Hip Replacement Lawyer Frisco TX

After Hip Replacement Surgery – Hospital

When a patient is contemplating undergoing hip replacement surgery, it can be a very overwhelming time in their life.  The unknown can create anxiety and fear.  However, through research and education; the information provided can help the patient feel at ease.  Understanding the step-by-step procedures and protocols, can help alleviate the anxiety so often associated with surgical procedures.  The goal of this article will be to provide the patient with information surrounding their hospital inpatient stay once the procedure has been completed.

Post-Surgical Inpatient Stay

Once the patient has met with their Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, they will determine the most appropriate hip replacement technique for that individual patient’s case.  The hip replacement surgical procedure may last between 1 to 2 hours; however, that time can vary based on the individual physician.  In order to be better prepared, please speak with your physician to discuss the length of time your individual procedure may take.  After the surgery is finished, the patient will be moved to the recovery room for a few hours so that he/she can be monitored.  Once the patient is alert and cleared by the physician, they will be moved up to one of the hospital floors; known as inpatient care.  The patient’s length of stay in the hospital can vary depending on a variety of factors.  Such factors include:  how fast the patient recovers, if there were any complications during the procedure, or if an infection develops.  Hopefully, there are not any complications and the patient will be discharged from the hospital within 3-4 days post-surgical intervention.

Hip Replacement Lawyer Frisco TX

Physical Therapies

The first day after the hip replacement surgery, the patient will undergo physical therapy activities.  The physical therapist will encourage the patient to perform minimal, low impact exercises that will promote muscle strengthening and circulation.  By moving the ankles, and contracting the quadriceps and gluteal muscles, it will promote circulation and help prevent complications such as blood clots.  The second day after the hip replacement surgery, more exercises will be encouraged, and the patient will begin to walk with assistance from either a walker, cane, or crutches.  Increasing ambulation is key to recovery.  As the patient continues to move forward after the surgical procedure, it is imperative to increase their daily activities.  The final goal that the patient should reach within 6 weeks of physical therapy is:  full weight bearing and the ability to climb stairs.  These goals are not for while you are in the hospital; as the exercises during your hospital stay should remain low impact to avoid dislocation or other complications.  However, upon your recovery the goal will be to increase mobility, decrease associated pain, and increase strength of surrounding muscles.

Prevention of Complications

Prevention of complication is also key during your hospital stay.  Antibiotics will be given to prevent any infections.  Pain medications will be given to help alleviate some of the pain associated with the surgical procedure.  Complications such as blood clots are prevented through medications and low impact exercises.  Also, it is imperative while in the hospital to remember to cough and breath deep so that pneumonia and other lung infections do not develop.

Next Steps

All of this information can help you to prepare for what is to come post-surgical intervention.  Your physician will go over each of these guidelines prior to surgery; so that you will feel comfortable and know what to expect.  Please speak with your healthcare provider to determine the next steps in your treatment plan.

Hip Replacement Lawyer Frisco TX

If you or loved one have suffered metal poisoning or required a second revision surgery after having a hip implant, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer.  Please call us today for a free consultation or fill out our contact form and a Frisco Texas Hip Recall Lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours to answer your questions.

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