Hip Replacement Lawyer Houston TX – Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer Houston Texas

Hip Replacement Lawyer Houston TX – Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer Houston Texas

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Hip Replacement Lawyer Houston TX

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Hip Replacement Lawyer Houston TX

Hip Implant Systems

There are so many moving parts to a hp replacement surgery.  It can be overwhelming reading all the literature that surrounds this particular surgical procedure.  The most important factor is to choose a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon that will provide you with all the information surrounding your surgery.  There are many different implant systems; and this article will evaluate some of the most common types of implants to consider when undergoing this surgical procedure.

Fixed-Bearing Hip Implant Systems

There are many different hip implant systems.  The first one to discuss is the fixed bearing hip implant system.  This is one of the most common implants used during a total hip replacement surgery.  Fixed bearing means that there is a metal stem that is inserted into the neck of the femur to provide additional stability.  The head of the femur (ball of the ball-and-socket joint) is replaced with an artificial  component.  The acetabulum is also replaced during the surgical procedure.  The acetabulum of the pelvis is the socket portion of the ball-and-socket joint.  The material used may differ among surgeon.  The material may include:  metal-on-metal, polyethylene or ceramic.  The physician will collaborate with the patient to determine the most appropriate implant system for their individual case.

Hip Replacement Lawyer Houston TX

Mobile-Bearing Hip Implant Systems

There is another hip implant system known as mobile bearing.  Mobile bearing is a new type of implant system that offers results that are similar to the anatomic hip-joint movement.  The goal of a hip replacement is to allow the patient to return to their activities of daily living; and to prevent the excruciating pain that comes with hip joint degeneration.  Using this hip implant system allows for the artificial femoral head to fit perfectly into the artificial acetabulum of the pelvis.  This snug fit allows for movement that mimics the movement of the anatomic hip-joint.  This implant can be offered in different materials including ceramic and polyethylene.  The results of this particular implant have suggested increased range of motion, increased stability of the hip joint and diminished tendonitis associated with the surrounding muscles.  Please speak with your surgeon to determine if this is an appropriate implant system for your individual case.

Cement Fixation Versus Cementless Fixation

There are also different types of implant systems that may or may not include cement fixation.  There are benefits and risks associated with both types of fixation.  One thing to remember is with cement fixation is that the patient will be able bear weight rather quickly post-operatively.  It is imperative to speak with your physician concerning the type of filler the physician will use so that the benefits and risks can be explained.

To Wrap It Up

Undergoing a hip replacement surgery can be very overwhelming; therefore, it is essential to receive the most information possible from the physician concerning your individual case.  Whether you are undergoing a fixed-bearing or a mobile-bearing hip replacement, it is imperative to discuss the risks and benefits with your Orthopedic Surgeon.  Don’t hesitate to speak with your physician today.

Hip Replacement Lawyer Houston TX

If you or loved one have suffered metal poisoning or required a second revision surgery after having a hip implant, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer.  Please call us today for a free consultation or fill out our contact form and a Houston Texas Hip Recall Lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours to answer your questions.

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