Truck Accident Lawyer Laredo TX – Truck Accident Lawsuit Laredo Texas

Truck Accident Lawyer Laredo TX – Truck Accident Lawsuit Laredo Texas

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Truck Accident Lawyer Laredo TX
The seriousness of truck accidents are no joke. They concern massive vehicles which routinely run at greater speeds, which could induce substantial injuries plus property damage. An 18 wheeler collision could be overwhelming, and deaths are not unusual. Some of the related statistics may also be surprising.

Did you know…?

Reports over the past few years show a fall in the number of incidents and fatalities involving larger trucks On the contrary, it doesn’t change the fact that sizeable trucks continue to be involved with both dangerous and lethal collisions.

• In accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA),, there were over 400,000 recorded accidents that encompass enormous trucks in 2014.
• Those collisions ended in over 85,000 injuries, which comprises of 3,424 fatalities.
• Two vehicles were included in most lethal big truck collisions.
• Most fatal collisions transpired on rural roads, and just about one-quarter of incidents happened on Interstate highways.
• Most incidents happened throughout the week, and only nearly a fifth of incidents happened at night.
• In 2014, there were 10.7 fatalities stemming from enormous trucks for every 1 million Americans. This was a 1 percent increase from 2010, even though overall fatalities are down.
• The majority of 18 wheeler accidents are property damage only.
• Harmful materials were released from the cargo department of a large truck in just about 12 percent of mishaps, most of which were flammable liquids.
• Over 50 percent of large truck collisions encompass a truck tractor tugging only one semi-trailer; double semi-trailer collisions only made up 2% of all fatal accidents in 2013.
• Semi truck drivers between the ages 25 and 65 are involved in the majority of lethal mishaps.
• Trucker deaths make up only a tiny portion of the deaths for truck crashes; the majority of deaths are other drivers or passengers involved in the collision.

Truck Accident Lawyer Laredo TX

What Precisely Brings about 18 Wheeler Accidents?

The FMCSA simultaneously records various probable causes of 18 wheeler crashes. Like usual vehicle incidents, sizeable truck collisions might be a result of a number of elements, both internal and external. Human error, as with a large number of vehicle mishaps, is the single most frequent cause of big truck accidents. It is the reason for 87% of all big truck collisions. 10 percent of truck incidents are attributable to issues with the vehicle, such as the tires or the brakes. The outside environment accounts for the left over three percent.

Mishaps wherein the truck moves off its travel lane – be it to another lane or off road – is among the most frequent errors. Speeding, or even moving too fast (but within limits) for the present conditions is another frequent error that’s grounds for unfortunate occurrences. This can be due to weather or other poor road conditions or because of cargo shift or truck system issues. And lastly, we also have the scenario during which a vehicle rear-ends the other, which happens in over 20 percent of reported 18 wheeler accidents.

Truck Accident Lawyer Laredo TX

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