Hip Replacement Lawyer Richardson TX – Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer Richardson Texas

Hip Replacement Lawyer Richardson TX – Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer Richardson Texas

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Hip Replacement Lawyer Richardson TX

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Hip Replacement Lawyer Richardson TX

Depuy ASR

DePuy is actually a Johnson & Johnson company that specializes in orthopedic implant systems. It is one of the many different manufacturers that have had to voluntarily recall a few of their implant systems. The recalls have been requested based on the negative outcomes that have interfered with patient safety. Johnson and Johnson voluntarily pulled the DePuy ASR XL from the market in 2010. Let’s evaluate this a little bit further, to determine how patients must proceed once they have already underwent hip replacement surgical intervention.

DePuy ASR Implant Systems Recalled

The DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System were devices recalled in 2010. The hip implant system was a metal-on-metal device. The metal ball replaced the physiologic femoral head. The metal cap replaced the physiologic acetabulum of the pelvis. The total implant and the resurfacing systems were both recalled based on information provided in the medical literature. There has been information that indicated these implant systems had an increased rate of failure as compared to other implant systems. Another reason for the recall included that increased risk of metal poisoning or metallosis from the metal-on-metal hip implant system. The metal-on-metal implant system created a high friction area when the patient performed normal movement of the artificial hip joint. The friction between the metal components resulted in release of metal ions and metal debris into the bloodstream and surrounding tissues. The build up of these metal ions can result in the following: organ failure, tissue necrosis, bone death, and thyroid dysfunction. These are complications that can be life-threatening; so the appropriate response was to recall these products.

Hip Replacement Lawyer Richardson TX

What happens if this metal-on-metal implant has already been used in the patient? That is a very important question that must be answered seriously. Many patients were persuaded to undergo a metal-on-metal hip implant replacement because of its claims to be durable, last decades, and even provide increased range of motion. However, the complications that have arisen have really placed patients safety at risk.

Contact Your Orthopedic Surgeon Immediately

The next step is for the physician to contact the patients that have this hip implant system. When the recall occurred, each patient was notified and informed of how important it was for them to receive routine follow-up care. Establishing that the patient was not experiencing any symptoms, provided both the physician and patient with a sense of relief. However, the patient still must be followed each year to make sure that no new symptoms present. If symptoms have presented, then the physician must determine the most appropriate intervention. In many instances the Orthopedic Surgeon will have to perform revision surgery, in which the implant system is removed and replaced with a different device. If other complications have occurred from the implant, then those underlying issues must also be addressed. The manufacturer has actually suggested that the patients who have this hip implant system to undergo metal ion testing to determine if revision surgery is indicated. Higher failure rates resulted because of mechanical failure, loosening of the implant, repetitive dislocation, fracture, metal toxicity, and severe pain.

Next Steps

The DePuy ASR implants have been recalled; and there have been significant patients affected negatively by these devices. It is imperative that as a patient, if you are contemplating undergoing a hip replacement surgery, that these implant systems are avoided at all costs. Please speak with your healthcare provider if the DePuy ASR implant was used in your surgical procedure. It is imperative because the appropriate follow-up care must be established; and the appropriate intervention implemented within a timely manner. Don’t wait, contact your physician and discuss the next steps.

Hip Replacement Lawyer Richardson TX

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