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Texas Ability Compulsive Gambling and Behavior Lawsuit

Abilify and Gambling Problems

Abilify and similar drugs that use or contain aripiprazole have been linked to binge-related habits, including eating, shopping, having sex, and gambling. The same active ingredient is found in Aristada, Abilify Maintena, and generic drugs as well.

Abilify is considered the top-selling antipsychotic medication used to treat conditions that include schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It may also be used in combination with other medications to help treat depression. The drug has also been used to treat Tourette’s syndrome and some forms of autism as well. It has been successful for many patients in stabilizing mood and decreasing hallucinations. Unfortunately, treatment also has a negative effect on impulse control for some individuals who take this medication.

Abilify and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Action

Before May 2016, pathological gambling was listed as a side effect of Abilify and similar medications, but the FDA noted that the existing warning alone did not adequately address the severity of the problem. Problems such as compulsive eating, shopping, or sexual actions were also never before listed as a potential side effect. In response, the FDA added these warnings. Interestingly, these warnings were on the European and Canadian labels, but not the similar United States labels.

In the 13 years that Abilify has been on the market, there have been 184 cases reported that involved impulse control problems. Gambling was by far the most prevalent report. However, there are likely additional impulse control problems associated with this drug that have never been reported. This could be, in part, because those taking Abilify did not understand the link between their behavior and the drug. Hopefully, the increased FDA warning will make people more aware of the impulse control link and allow them to take action.

The FDA notes that most patients will discontinue these unhealthy habits when Abilify is reduced or discontinued. They no longer have the urge to carry out these actions. However, by then, some patients may have already engaged in life-changing negative actions. Some have chosen to ask the manufacturers, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, to help deal with the costs associated with these actions by bringing an Abilify lawsuit.

Abilify Lawsuits

Lawsuits for Abilify are just starting to gain momentum in the United States, but there have been similar lawsuits in other countries. As of October 2016, there have been 22 product liability lawsuits dealing with Abilify in 12 federal courts. The issues in those cases deal with defective design or manufacture of the drug, whether the manufacturers knew about the impulse control problems associated with the drug, and whether the warnings and information provided with medicine were adequate. Attorneys who focus on this area of the law are expecting that there will be hundreds more Abilify lawsuits brought in the near future.