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DePuy ASR Hip Recalls

Both DePuy ASR and Pinnacle hip replacements were designed with younger, more active patients in mind. They were supposed to be more stable and less prone to breakage or fracture. Unfortunately, the metal-on-metal design may have actually caused more problems than it has fixed for many patients.

The DePuy Hip Products and Related Problems

DePuy created two ASR systems for hip replacement: the ASR XL Acetabular System, which provides a total hip replacement, and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System. Both were designed to last longer and be more durable than their counterparts because of their metal-on-metal structure. DePuy attempted to create a product that would allow for more flexibility and range of motion, but it has caused additional problems instead.

The design itself has been the cause of an increased failure rate, infection, and the possibility of dislocation and immobility. According to some studies, it may even lead to an increased risk of cancer. It can also cause metallosis, or metal poisoning. According to several after-market studies, the failure rate of these hip implants was in the range of between 12 and 13 percent. However, the pre-market trials showed a failure rate of closer to 40 percent.

Because of the problems related to the DePuy ASR hip models, DePuy Orthopaedics issued a recall in 2010 for both ASR systems. The FDA issued a Class II recall in July 2010. A class II recall is an “intermediate” threat recall that essentially means there is an immediate danger of death or serious injury. However, there is still a serious risk involved. It is a form of preventative risk recall. Johnson & Johnson, owner of DePuy Orthopaedics, did its own full recall one month later.

Lawsuits Involving ASR Hip Systems

At the time of recall, the ASR hip systems had been used in more than 93,000 hip surgeries. It was on the market for less than ten years. In fact, it was put on the market in 2005 after the FDA gave it permission to forego many of the required tests and trials to ensure safety.

Due to the recalls and related complications, Johnson & Johnson agreed to settle many ASR lawsuits for roughly $4 billion in 2013. There was another round of settlements in March 2015 for approximately $420 million.

Before the recall, several thousands of individuals had to undergo another hip replacement surgery because their ASR hip had failed. After the recall, thousands more had to head back to surgery. As this type of hip replacement was designed for active individuals, it has taken a unique toll on thousands of lives because they can no longer be as active or mobile as they once were.