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Product Liability Law

Some products are dangerous and can cause injuries, diseases, and even life-threatening conditions. When a product harms a person, the person harmed can often bring a claim under the product liability laws in their applicable state.

Every year, thousands of people are injured because of products, and products liability laws provide a legal mechanism for victims to receive compensation for their injuries or other damages. Product liability law is different from other laws that involve injuries, and it is often easier to prove than a regular injury case.

It may be easier, in part, because of the uneven balance of power between the manufacturer or designer of a product and you as a consumer. Because of this and other factors, the law often assumes that an injury or damage would not have occurred unless the product was defective. This shifts the burden from a legal standpoint to the creator instead of forcing the victim to prove that the product was defective or faulty.

Who is Responsible Under Products Liability Law?

Customers have an expectation that the products they buy and use will work as intended and will not harm them. When a product harms a consumer, that expectation has been violated.

Anyone that causes the product to be defective or unsafe can be responsible in a products liability lawsuit. These entities or individuals may include:

  • Manufacturer
  • Designer
  • Manufacturer of component parts
  • Assembler
  • Wholesaler
  • Retail store that sold the product

Essentially, this list includes the entire distribution chain of the product. If an entity was involved in the delivery of the product from the creator to you, then they could be included in a product liability case.

Types of Product Defects

When you think of a defective product, you likely assume that the product was not created correctly or had some kind of problem. This type of defect is commonly referred to as a manufacturing defect. It occurs when something went wrong in the manufacturing process, and product was not created according to design.

There is another type of product defect, however. It is commonly known as a design defect. In these situations, the product was dangerous based on how it was designed. There was no manufacturing error, and every product with the same design is considered equally dangerous.

The third type of product defect deals with labeling, packaging, and instructions. These defects are often referred to as marketing defects. Cases that involve marketing defects often include situations where the manufacturer did not tell the user about a particular unsafe use. That is, the product is considered unsafe when used a certain way or has some potentially dangerous quality that is not obvious.

Although any product can be defective, medications seem to be associated with more lawsuits than any other type of product. The reason for this may be that defective medications can have severe and life-threatening effects on your body if they are not tested or prescribed properly.