Texas Talcum Powder Cancer Lawyer – Texas Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

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Texas Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Talcum Powder is extracted from talc, a mineral primarily comprised of oxygen, silicon, and magnesium. As a powder, it helps to reduce friction and absorbs moisture, making it effective in preventing rashes and keeping the skin dry. Talcum powder is mainly used in cosmetic products like adult body as well as facial powders, baby powders, and in other consumer products.
In its original form, some talc has asbestos, an element known to cause cancer in and around the lungs. However, since 1970, all talcum powder used in homes in the US has been certified asbestos free. The discussion about talcum powder cancer revolves around two issues:
• Whether individuals who have prolonged exposure to natural talc at works are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer, and
• Whether ladies who apply talcum powder in their genital part have a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Texas Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit
Research Findings
A few studies have been done to determine the link between cancer (ovarian) and using talcum powder on the genital area. And it has been concluded that talc powder can cause an inflammatory reaction that might increase the risk of developing cancer.

In a meta-analysis of sixteen studies and 11,933 subjects in 2003, it was found that continuous use of talc powder increase the risk of developing ovarian cancer, but there was no causal link. The higher risk was associated with other factors (confounding). For a causal link to be determined, higher doses of talcum powder should lead to raised risk – dose response.
Because the effect wasn’t dependent on the dose, the interpretation of the finding should be cautious.

Texas Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit
Recent studies are giving varied results, especially in relation to ovarian cancer. For example, in 2013, a pooled analysis of 8 case-controls showed that genital use of talcum powder was associated with a slight increase in risk of different subtypes of cancer. However, in 2014, another study found that this powder didn’t appear to sway one’s risk of developing cancer.
In the study, researchers followed about 61,576 postmenopausal ladies for an average of 12.5 years. Unlike a case-control study, this type of prospective study isn’t affected by recall bias, where ladies who develop cancer are highly likely to attribute their previous exposure to risk factors.
Note that since 1973, the law dictated that talcum powder for residential use must be asbestos free.
Other Type of Cancer
• Lung cancer – some studies focusing on talc millers and miners have suggested a higher risk of lung cancer as well as other respiratory diseases; some have found that there is no correlation.
• Endometrial cancer – some research suggest there is a link between talcum powder and cases of uterine cancer in past menopause women.

Texas Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit