Hip Replacement Lawyer The Woodlands TX – Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer The Woodlands Texas

Hip Replacement Lawyer The Woodlands TX – Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer The Woodlands Texas

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Hip Replacement Lawyer The Woodlands TX

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Hip Replacement Lawyer The Woodlands TX

Confronting The Fears Of Hip Replacement Surgery

As a patient, walking out of the doctor’s office after you have been informed that a hip replacement surgery is the only alternative can be quite overwhelming. Finding out that you have to undergo surgery can create fear and anxiety. These are a few of the reasons why patients decide to postpone their hip replacement surgery. The goal of this article will be to focus on how to confront these fears that surround surgical intervention.

Common Fears

One of the major reasons why patients wish to postpone their hip replacement surgical procedure is because of their fear of surgery. Surgery can be a very overwhelming and anxiety filled time in an individual’s life. Therefore, it must be addressed with compassion and empathy by those surrounding the patient. Many patients have a fear of undergoing anesthesia. Whether it is a unfounded fear; or it is a fear that has developed based on personal experience, it can be quite overwhelming. This particular fear can increase the likelihood that the patient will refuse to undergo the surgery. Other reasons that patients are fearful of a hip replacement surgery include: fear of the unknown, fear of the negative clinical outcomes, fear that they won’t make it out of surgery alive, fear that their pain will become worse, and just generalized fear. There are many different reasons patients are fearful of surgery. The key is identifying that fear; and determining a step-by-step plan to confront those fears. Let’s evaluate ways that patients can overcome these fears associated with hip replacement surgery.

Hip Replacement Lawyer The Woodlands TX

Ways To Confront Those Fears

If you notice, the major reasons why patients are fearful of surgical procedures is because it is unchartered territory. It is the unknown; and it is basically a foreign language to the patient. The unknown can be quite frightening; and it can even interfere with the patient’s ability to take care of their own health. The key to confronting this fear is to review the literature concerning the surgical procedure you will be undergoing. Performing research, asking questions to the healthcare professionals, and reviewing the literature can help to provide the patient will clear expectations and alleviate some of the associated fears. Making the unknown familiar can help diminish fear associated with surgery.

Other ways to confront these fears include seeking a strong support system from friends and family. Having a support system that will help comfort the patient when they become anxious can help alleviate some of those fears. Other suggestions include speaking with a Licensed Psychologist or a Psychiatrist. These healthcare professionals can help the patient develop coping mechanisms that will help them confront their fears. Behavioral changes and breathing exercises can help the patient cope with the anxiety associated with this surgical procedure. Also being able to speak with a Psychiatrist can help the patient to have an outlet to express their emotions without fear of reprimand.

Next Steps

There are many different ways to confront one’s fear. The key findings that have proven to help alleviate some of these fears include: research, asking your physician questions concerning the procedure, building a strong support system of friends and family; and speaking with a Licensed Psychologist or Psychiatrist. Finding an outlet to express your emotions is key to alleviating anxiety and fear. Don’t hesitate to speak with your healthcare provider today to determine appropriate behavioral changes and behavioral therapies for your individual case.

Hip Replacement Lawyer The Woodlands TX

If you or loved one have suffered metal poisoning or required a second revision surgery after having a hip implant, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer.  Please call us today for a free consultation or fill out our contact form and a The Woodlands Texas Hip Recall Lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours to answer your questions.

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